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Date: 2012-01-22 04:18 am (UTC)
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Pyralis went through song lyrics in her head, drifting off into her own world a little bit while the teacher took a break between lecture. She doodled something in her notebook, liking it enough that she considered making it a finished piece. She wrote lyrics above it: "Living just to keep going, going just to be sane." She tended to use song lyrics in a lot of her works; whether it be in the actual medium or inspired by it. Still, enjoying music wasn't something that was that uncommon.

She sighed slightly, tapping her fingers on her desk, a habit she'd had since grade school. Her brother said her brain ran too fast with ideas for her to pause, and she had to agree with him. Sitting still was one of the most difficult things for her to do. There was just... so much to do, and never enough time in the day.

She glanced around the room carefully, just to distract herself. There wasn't much of interest... the same people she'd seen and known since she began school, with a few new faces. No one she was particularly close to.

Oh, but who was that? She caught the eye of the girl sitting towards the right side of the room to her. Her name was... Jess? Was that it? Since they made eye contact, she managed a small, shy smile, before pulling her ponytail over her shoulder and looking in the opposite direction.
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