Re: Any old time, you keep me waiting.

Date: 2012-01-22 06:19 am (UTC)
confessionsofamask: (Blue Hills ~)
Jess felt her eyebrows waggle upward in a waggly motion. More thoughts pooled in her brain. To say this girl "caught her eye" was perhaps not the most accurate statement. As far as Jess was concerned, her eyes had caught her, as they cast a net amidst the current that was a college classroom, hoping to find some fish.

Jess reflected on the unexpected violence of her internal metaphor for a moment.

Who was this girl? She was definitely pretty, but didn't seem to know it. No, that's too cliche. And judgmental. She wasn't showing off, though. She wasn't wearing any makeup and had her hair up in a rather conventional ponytail. It wasn't off-putting by any means.

Jess kept looking at her, even as the girl had looked away. Jess was attempting to remember her name (it was weird, right? Something to do with onions... no, but it began with a V? A P?) but was also simply interested in looking at her, it seemed.

Jess spent the rest of the class attempting to recall her name but couldn't quite summon it. As the professor announced the end of class, she decided to avoid wasting time and went up to the girl.

"Hi. I'm Jess. I can't remember your name. I'm sorry if I stared at you, I didn't mean to. Want to get food with me?"
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