Re: Any old time, you keep me waiting.

Date: 2012-01-23 12:27 am (UTC)
tickingclocks: (What Exactly is a Human? ѽ)
Pyralis zoned out a little for the rest of the class, since the teacher was doing review and she understood this subject a lot. Still, her mind tracked back to Jess. The girl seemed... different to her. In a good way, of course. She always thought people who were different from the cookie-cutter way were better.

She seemed very aggressive and forward, from what she heard from her in class. Also very smart. Pyralis admired her strong spirit, even though in some ways it was the opposite of hers. There were certainly different ways to be strong though.

She packed up her books when the teacher ended the class, shifting through her notebooks to make sure they were all in her bag and in the right place. When a shadow drifted over her desk though, she looked up, catching the eye of the girl she was thinking about earlier once again.

She registered what the girl said to her and let a small smile cross her face, answering. "Oh, it's Pyralis... if you want you can call me Rose though... a lot of people do, it's easier to remember. And you weren't really staring, I looked too. It's ok." The invitation to eat took her by surprise, but she wasn't going to deny someone who asked her something nicely. "Oh, um... sure. Is it alright if I get sushi? I know some people are bothered by it..."
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